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The Mystery Of Ladies. The Creation Of Gentlemen.

It is a nicely acknowledged actuality, that France has always been the property of stylish and sophisticated matters. The present day word “bidet” originated from the French – “Bidet”. The modern-day French dictionary has two meanings of this phrase: the to start with a person refers to a kid toy-horse, the second one particular implies device for personal washing. Perfectly, to begin with it experienced only one particular this means.
In the fifteenth century the Italian Renaissance modified the period of Middle Ages in France. It introduced the extensive-neglected antique hygienic regulations. Washing was deemed a sin for a long time and it is really tough to think, but people today took bathtub not additional than after in three months and with their underwear on. And only right after a though the grand women and girls from metropolitan areas started off to just take treatment not only about the purity of their soul in advance of God but also about the cleanness of their bodies.

It was the time when the accessories of the fashionable bogs appeared in their rooms. A little bath slender in the center, so that you can sit additional conveniently, was established up on the four-legged wooden base… The drinking water was poured out of the jug.

A lengthy time handed. The design had not improved till the invention of the h2o offer and sewage program.
The main capabilities, that bidet preserved up to this working day, have been fashioned in the end of the XIXth century. The immediate discharge into the sewage, warm and cold h2o offer, the typical variety of the tub on the base of the exact same height as the toilet bowl,which in truth remained unquestionably the identical. The absence of the mixer absolutely brought about certain problems: mixing of the drinking water of the required temperature happened appropriate in the bowl of the bidet, and it was taken from there for washing. It was quite inconvenient, but will you concur, that it was a terrific progress as opposed to the jug.

When the 1st special bidet mixer was created, the faucets were being placed appropriately, and the drinking water arrived from the sprayer on the base in the variety of an authentic fountain. From the fashionable point of check out, it is not quite practical. Nonetheless, the construction was really preferred for many years. And additionally, some producers still supply this type of the bidet. Though these types of type of mixer is deemed to be out of date and not assembly the higher residing criteria and even perilous. This is the scenario, when the water of improper temperature is abruptly turned on. The outcome can be not only discomfort, but also a burn.

A fashionable mixer for the bidet is put on the edge of the bowl. It allows specifically regulate the tempo of h2o offer and what is extra critical – the way of the spray. It is finished with the aid of floating head which revolves all-around its axis at 360°. Some models have heads that can be prolonged with the assist of the sliding hose like in mixers for kitchen and bathroom of the hottest era.

Arguments versus bidet.
Lastly you can use a shower. But there is one particular substantial edge of the bidet. As one particular commercial of the ice product says, you just are not able to resist this enjoyment. And it is also about comfort and ease and cleanness. These two text are the major argument for applying the bidet.

In the beginning of this write-up we known as the bidet a delicate creation for ladies. But remember to feel us, it’s a inadequate gentleman who does not use bidet. He is in the possibility of getting despised by females. For more washing line and clothes line accessories visit airer.

About the bidet …
Each unit in the lavatory has its individual established of extras. So, what comes with the delicate invention for females?
Very first it is a specific towel holder. As a rule, it has the type of the ring or bar. They are positioned on the right of the bidet on the very same degree as the bathroom paper holder (if the bidet is near the toilet bowl as essential by fashionable criteria). The towel for bidet is the smallest in the set, ideally it ought to be a terry towel. Apart from, it should be altered a lot more often than the encounter and hand towels.

About the cleaning soap, the standard cleaning soap does not correspond to pure pH degree, which equals to five.5. Neither it possesses disinfectant properties. The specialists advise to use the exclusive liquid shampoos for personal care, but if you nevertheless want soap, it is far better to use antibacterial cleaning soap with a moisturising components. Distinctive shampoos or liquid soaps are formulated for the intimate cleanliness. Their pH stage correspond to the pure 1. They also include antibacterial aspects, softening and moisturizing components. Intimate treatment shampoos are utilized not only for the hygiene but also for preventive applications.

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What’s hot in kitchens and bathrooms

khadi-scrub1 Scrub up in style with the latest chic offerings from the Parisian store Khadi. Shown from left: ‘KBH’ towels in cardinal and charcoal, from £13.75 approx for a hand towel; laminated-cotton ‘Scandi Lace’
and ‘Scandi Stripe’ wash bags and containers,
from £11.60 approx. Ring 00 33 1
43 57 10 25, or visit
SaphirKeramik2 Bathrooms will soon be awash
with sanitary ware and accessories
made from the Swiss manufacturer
Laufen’s new material.
SaphirKeramik has the properties
of regular ceramic but,
with the addition of a compound
found in sapphires, it
is particularly tough and can
be worked into finer and more
highly defined forms. Shown is a
prototype tray by Konstantin Grcic.
Ring 00 41 61 765 71 11, or visit
btahrrom-in-a-box3 La Fonction with Line Art
brings us the ‘bathroom in a
box’. Or, an integrated ceramic
sink, LED lighting, towel rail and
storage for lotions and potions
in a cupboard with a dressing
mirror on the back. ‘La Cabine’
comes in a choice of eight wood
finishes (shown: oak), two styles
of doors and costs from £3,928
approx. Ring 00 33 6 42 72 93
27, or visit
towel-rail4 Italian manufacturer Tubes
has climbed great heights with
its ladder-inspired ‘Scaletta’
towel rail (from £610) designed
by Elisa Giovannoni; the electric
model is available in over 250 colours, six
plated finishes, including 14 or 24kt gold, and
four brushed anodised finishes. Ring 00 39
0423 7161, or visit
Scarperia5 Traditionally handcrafted by Italian artisans,
Segno Italiano’s products are a cut above
others. These ‘Scarperia’ knives are made by
Andrea Berti, while Pierino Navarini is respon-
sible for the copper utensils. From £80 approx
for a plexi-handled tomato knife and
£36.40 approx for an oil cruet. Ring 00
39 02 5656 7833, or visit
soap6 We have Merci to thank for these old
favourites. Shown: hooks (available in
green, light turquoise and white; from
£14.50 approx for one hook) and single
white porcelain soap shelf (£10.80 approx).
Ring 00 33 1 42 77 00 33, or visit
7 Bathe your washroom in light with
Balineum’s stylish ‘Strand’ ceiling and
‘Overton’ wall fittings (from £649 and £419).
Like all 12 of the bathroom specialist’s debut
models these are made to clients’ specifications
by a family firm in Tuscany, and available in 15
metal finishes and with various shade options.
Ring 020 7431 9364, or visit
8 Hiding behind the straight stainless-steel
skirt of Drummonds’ new contemporary-look
‘Bute’ bath – aside from the unsightly waste
– is a traditional cast-iron tub with a classic
curved roll top; £6,300, available in any colour
and matt or gloss finish. Ring 020 7376 4499,
or visit
woodworking9 Alfred Newall of design and joinery company
the London Workshop is an old carpenter in a
young man’s body. The 28-year-old cites things
such as 19th-century woodworking manuals as
the inspiration for his creations, while he and
his craftsmen work by hand or with machinery
from the 1950s. The results are ‘timeless products
built to last’, including this three-frame
clothes airer (£100), utility cubby (£120) and
oak bath rack (£65). Ring 07766 397676, or visit
ceramic_loo_cistern10 Engineer-turned-designer Vincent Rousseau’s
singular products will flush away your
plans to install the usual white ceramic loo cistern.
Shown from left: ‘Wine Barrel’, ‘Garden
Bucket’ and ‘Barber’, which feature dual flush
and an essential-oil diffuser, musts for those
who are water-consumption aware and have
delicate noses. From £364 approx. Ring WTKM
on 00 33 6 72 66 24 06, or visit

What is interior design?

interior-designInterior design is a key component in any project outcome.
Follow these basic design elements and principles
to achieve a superior result.
How often do you walk into a space and feel instantly “at home” or, conversely, feel
uncomfortable and can’t wait to leave? Creating
spaces that are beautiful, comfortable, practical
and liveable is what we aim for in our homes.
Interior design is the process of creating comfortable,
liveable spaces through the manipulation of spatial
volume as well as surface treatment, drawing on aspects
of environmental psychology, architecture and product
design, in addition to decoration.
Interior design is not just about aesthetics, although
they play a big part in the fi nal outcome. A home’s interior
should be aesthetically pleasing to your individual taste,
as well as practical and functional. Creating harmonious,
liveable interior spaces requires as much thought as
does the design of the building and to do one without
considering the other, can lead to costly alterations in
the future.
what-is-interior-design3-When creating a home, you need to start with the end
in mind. How do the occupants like to live? What special
needs do they have? How many children are there and how
many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? Are there
any pets? Does the family entertain regularly and is there
the need for guest accommodation? Can you create multipurpose
rooms for occasional visitors, a home office, kids’
study or other area? Once these requirements are known,
you can set about creating interiors to suit your lifestyle
today and into the future. Planning for the future is an
important part of interior design. Designing for longevity
will give your home
a timeless feel, allowing it to age gracefully.
what-is-interior-design4-Creating interior spaces and selecting appropriate
furniture and furnishings is very personal. However, there
are some fundamental rules to observe. American architect
Frank Lloyd Wright was so particular about his designs
that he often designed the furniture and furnishings for his
clients’ homes, worrying they would make a mess of them if
they did it themselves! He may have been a little extreme in
his views but he wanted his designs to achieve their greatest
potential with the right fixtures, furniture and furnishings.
This is what you should be aiming for.
Here are some top interior design resources on the web:

Mid-20th Century Furniture, Ceramics, Glass, Lighting, Rugs, Paintings and Sculptures

Victoria & Albert Museum

Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone of the Museum on 17th May 1899. The Victoria & Albert has a collection of more than 4 million objects. The Victoria & Albert Museum in London is the world’s largest museum of the decorative arts and has 146 galleries, including national collections of sculpture, furniture, fashion and photographs. It also houses the National Art Library. The Victoria & Albert also manage the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood, the Wellington Museum at Apsley House and the Theatre Museum in Covent Garden.

The Victoria & Albert is the world’s greatest museum of art and design. The Museum is renowned for the immense diversity of its collections, which embrace furniture, fashion, textiles, paintings, silver, glass, ceramics, jewellery, books, prints and photographs. Housed in magnificent Victorian buildings, these collections illustrate the artistic life of many different cultures, from European to South East Asian, American to Islamic, over hundreds of generations.

The museum has been housed in Aston Webb’s grand building since 1909. The building has a impressive facade and main entrance. As the museum grew new buildings wereerected when needed. Many of these buildings were intended to be semi-permanent exhibition halls but all have survived and represent one of the finest groups of Victorian buildings in the country. The Victoria & Albert has around four million exhibits from all periods and areas of the world. The 145 of galleries cover ten acres and are spread over four floors.

The Art and Design galleries are arranged by themes and by place and date, for example the Materials & Techniques galleries are arranged by the type of material. The six-storey Henry Cole Wing holds the Victoria & Albert’s collection of paintings, drawings and prints. In 2001 the restored British Galleries reopened to the public. These cover British art and design from 1500 – 1900 and include James II’s wedding suit and the Great Bed of Ware. The Victoria & Albert, which held its first photographic exhibition in 1858, is also the home of the National Collection of Art of Photography. The Canon Photography Gallery has regularly changing displays.

The fifteen galleries of the Victoria & Albert Museum tell the story of British design from the Tudor period to the Victorian era and display the Victoria & Albert’s unrivalled collection of historic British furniture, textiles, dress, ceramics, glass, jewellery, silver, prints, paintings and sculpture. Every major name in the history of British design is represented, including Grinling Gibbons, Robert Adam, William Morris and Charles Rennie Mackintosh as well as workshops and manufacturers such as the Mortlake tapestry works, Spitalfields silks weaving workshops, Wedgwood, Doulton and Liberty.

The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, has started work on a new jewellery gallery that is planned to open in 2008. Jewels from 2000 sc to the present, drawn from a pool of five thousand, will include an ancient Egyptian hippopotamus, Elizabethan pendants, Marie Antoinette’s bracelet clasps, jewels owned by Napoleon and Catherine the Great, as well as this nineteenth-century English bodice ornament, a diamond bouquet of roses, a carnation, a chrysanthemum and a fuchsia, set on springs so they tremble as the wearer moves.

The transformation of the British Galleries is the Victoria & Albert’s largest project for over half a century and with over 3000 exhibits on display in magnificent new surroundings, the result is a truly exceptional experience not to be missed.

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